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          Boonie Bears sequel sets rare record更多 >>
          • Police officers help evacuate people with an inflatable boat after Typhoon Fitow hit Taizhou, Zhejiang province, Oct 8, 2013.
          • Other senior news anchors have been replaced by younger ones in recent years.
          • Parts of the country, including Hunan province, have seen temperatures continuously hover above 40 C in recent days.
          • The more discussions we have, the better we can enforce these regulations, she added.
          • She will also have to cut the budget for a vacation she has been planning for months.
          • The decision-makers should put people at the heart of the process and utilize this opportunity improve the livability of cities.
          • She stressed that strengthening cooperation between China and the US not only meets the interests of peoples in both countries, it also meets the expectations of the international community.
          • The meeting asked for greater efforts in identifying citizens in need, and priority should be given to residents who are victims of natural disasters, and allowances should be raised for people suffering serious diseases.
          • Her perspective was shared by many of her colleagues.
          • But maybe Sang should avoid breastfeeding the baby to avoid a possible affect the medicine may have on his nervous system, she said.
          • A boy takes the opportunity to exercise his dog by taking it for a walk in the tunnel while waiting for the traffic jam to clear.
          • Worship of ancestors is the most important belief of the Chinese people, and actions of filial piety are one of the most important Chinese traditions, according to the proposal.
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